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Bush Fire Media Release – Mid South Coast


THE Mid South Coast

Our region is now the window to the country’s financial viability, should the powers that be fail to be very careful manoeuvring through our immediate & short-term challenges & if they fail to implement prudent vision of our country’s economic, resources & human sustainability, everything is on the line.

The following is listed in priority order:

A: IMMEDIATE – Urgent Attention
B: HIGH PRIORITY – Immediate Action & on-going



  1. Housing Emergency
    1. We need the out of area homeowner to offer short term accommodation for our homeless – approximately 30% of our area’s property owners are from Canberra, Sydney, QLD, Victoria & and use them as their holiday homes.
    2. Army Huts/tents – set up at evac centres & other selected areas for short to medium term
  1. Food – Security:
    1. Meat
    2. Bread
    3. Milk
    4. Baby formula
    5. Water
    6. Fruit & vegetables
  1. Age Care, Health & Well-Being
    1. Elderly residents need to be visited for safety, health & well-being regularly
    2. Medication “constant supply”
  1. Fuel Security
    1. Petrol availability– not at extortionate prices including main highway road access points i.e. Sutherland @1.79 li for E10. Batemans Bay @ $1.64 for diesel
  1. Resources – Information, communications & lighting
    1. Television Reception
    2. Radio
    3. Gas for cooking
    4. Emergency lighting
    5. Torches
    6. Batteries
  1. Clean-Up
    1. Army Bulldozers for the removal of burnt homes, sheds, structures & trees
    2. After photographic recording for residential and rural properties – NO LOCAL or STATE GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE
    3. Insurance companies not to cause any delay in immediate action
      1. Trees near homes – no DA’s required
      2. Property owners make their own decision – No penalties. No local or State Government interference or penalties.
    4. Residential & Rural property owners, receive government assistance of 50% toward cost for the removal of trees near homes & structures
  1. Health & Smoke
    1. Mental health
    2. Depression
    3. Suicide – i.e. current stats show 43,000 of 12-17 y/o children attempted suicide in the past 12 months – a close observation is required now for all ages.
    4. Face masks – available at volume outlets
  1. Financial Relief for Community Members & Business
    1. 6-month rates relief/grant
    2. 6-month water rates relief/grant
    3. 6-month rent assistance for casual/part-time & permanent workers in fire zone areas
    4. 6-month mortgage relief for owners – occupiers of fire zone areas
  1. Business employing 20 or less
    1. 6-months BAS payment relief/grant
    2. 6-month overdraft payment relief/grant
    3. 6-month rent relief/grant
    4. 6-month rates relief/grant
    5. 6-month water rates relief/grant
    6. 12-month land tax relief
    7. 12-month power supply payment relief/grant
    8. 12-month phone/internet relief/grant
    9. 12-month equipment & vehicle lease relief/grant
    10. $15,000 perishable goods grant

B: HIGH PRIORITY – immediate & on-going

  1. Legislate Land Clearing
    1. Rural clearing of undergrowth/scrub including small trees – 30cm at trunk, 7m height
    2. State Forest maintenance
      1. Back burning/hazard reduction – under scrub “not dense forest”, fire trails for safe access into these areas
    3. National Parks maintenance
      1. Back burning/hazard reduction – under scrub “not dense forest” – fire trails for safe access into these areas
  1. Australian Army to build government housing
  1. Parity in water rates:
    1. Eurobodalla Shire: $3.65 per kl (extortion)
    2. Shoalhaven: $1.70 per kl
    3. Goulburn: $1.80 per kl
    4. Sydney Water: $2.24 per kl
    5. Wagga Wagga: $2.19 per kl
  1. Parity in local council DA requirements – centralised DA applications (therefore, Council’s no longer involved)
  1. Parity in local Rural Fire Services regulations – centralised Rural Fire Services (therefore, Council’s no longer involved)
  1. Removal of Rural Fire Service vs Council conflict –
  1. Dual carriageway constructed – Queanbeyan to Mogo as planned previously


  1. Dual Carriageway – NSW to VIC – Berry to Victorian Border & on to Melbourne
    1. Adequate clearing either side of major carriageway/highways thereby if trees fall it will not disrupt or interfere with vehicle thoroughfare.
  1. Battery powered transmitter radio for every dwelling
  1. Insurance conflicts
    1. i.e. storm/flood/act of god & no cover or sea level rise scooping caused increases from $700 – $29,000 p.a. insurance
    2. Dwelling proximity to bush & nature reserve BAL rating
  1. Concrete or other composite fire retardant/stoby power poles ‘national’
  1. National Frequency x 2 overall
    1. Frequency A – TV, Radio, Internet, Phone – for consistent advise/updates to communities
    2. Frequency B –for emergency announcements to all communities
  1. DA’s & Rural Fire Regulations under one central department incorporating outside certifiers
  1. Price freezing of commodities i.e. fuel & commodities during emergencies.
  1. TV relays need fortifying against fire
  1. No additional disaster tax to be implemented

Tragically, this CATASTROPHE should have been & could have been avoided!!!

“It’s time we put the people before the possums”

From Nowra in the North to Merimbula in the South, last winter’s trading has been quoted the poorest trading winter in 25 years & add to this the current disaster. Decisions made today & over the next short period will set our country in one of two directions. I pray we listen softly to the noisy minority & heed the quiet majority, the quiet majority is extremely agitated. Is this a window full of opportunity? Let’s make Australia great again.

Milton Leslight L.R.E.A. Ex-ESC Councillor
Beaches & Bush Properties
P: 02 4472 4777 M: 0499 477708
Batemans Bay – gateway to the Mid South Coast
Video of fire devastation available on Mid South Coast Current Affair Website

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