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Donna is a home loan specialist with over 16 years Lending experience, eager to  help you better understand the home loan process, with a wide offering of home loan products and the skill to choose between them.

Avoiding fees – are you eligible for a Package Deal?

Think Outside The Square
Consider this:

    • That if you’ve been knocked back by a bank, it doesn’t mean that every bank will decline you
    • That some of our Lenders don’t require 5% genuine savings
    • That using a Guarantor will avoid the need for Genuine Savings
    • If you have any bad debts, we can recommend someone to assist cleaning up your CRAA Report, giving you access to more lenders

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Compare Lenders – we take the time to compare what is on offer from all the lenders for you, with over 20 Lenders & over 300 loans

Let us do the running around for you at NO COST to you.

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