Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The vendor/s (Client) acknowledges that in addition to the Terms/Conditions (Terms) of service agreement, both the user and B&B, are bound by the Terms of Service of third party websites as to the third-party specification.

New listings will be uploaded to the B&B program and exported to third party portals/websites as agreed. Please allow time for your listing to be verified by administration and uploaded to our system and other portals.

Property photos and information loaded in DIY will be checked and verified by our administrative personnel. Please allow up to 1 working day to load.


No minimum term for signing up. The property is listed until the clients choose to de-activate their listings or if the listing is sold.

Once deactivation occurs the agreement is terminated and clients will need to enter into a new agreement should they wish to relist.

Legal requirements:

It is a condition of use on B&B portal that Vendors/Owners have arranged the required Contract For Sale of Land (Refer to https://www.beachesandbush.com.au/conveyancing/ for a special price) and which B&B can verify in States where this is a legal requirement of marketing and sale of property.

Clients warrant that they are either the legal owners of the property displayed and/or have the legal entitlement to sell the property.

Clients must be able to supply proof of ownership to B&B prior to loading.

Proof of ownership such as a copy of title/council rates etc must be provided before a listing will be uploaded. This also confirms the physical address of the property for sale.

Clients shall not provide dishonest, misleading or inappropriate information about their property to B&B. An example of a misleading comment could be ‘ocean views’ when such views are not genuinely available from a normal viewing position within the property.  Another example is could be ‘no deposit needed’ when in fact a deposit is asked for. Another example could be where it is stated that the property has five bedrooms when it only has four etc.

Please refer to the relevant sections within your State’s Fair Trading Office as to what else may constitute false or misleading information within a real estate advertisement.

Images and text supplied to B&B must be owned and/or created by the client. Any use of images owned by third parties must only occur where a written authority has been obtained by the client from the legal or copyright owner of the images or data.

Any images supplied must be actual photos of the property for sale with no changes, removals or creative adjustments.

Vendors must use the true and accurate suburb which represents the legal address of the property for sale.

No vanity attempts may be made to secure greater search results by falsifying a correct legal address by using a more prominent adjoining suburb. The Departments of Fair Trading expressly forbid such practice as do all the real estate portals which B&B exports to.

B&B itself is also consistent on this as a standard requirement for all listings on its own portals.

Clients should consider whether they are in any legally binding contract for sale with either another real estate agent or person prior to marketing on the B&B portal/website.

Any existing real estate agency agreement with a third party may have the effect of causing a client of B&B to be liable to pay a commission to that agent, even if the agent did not introduce the buyer to the property. Please understand we are not referring to our own agency, since we do not charge commission on our DIY sales.

Clients must be responsive to enquiries from buyers and B&B within a reasonable timeframe. If a client is going to be away or otherwise unable to respond to enquiries, they must pause their listing, provide alternative contact information, or otherwise advise B&B of the situation via email, phone or SMS.

Each listing must pertain to one (and only one) unique property/premises for sale. It is not permissible to advertise multiple properties (such as numerous apartments within one building, numerous lots in a development etc.) within one listing.

B&B reserves the right to add or delete any third-party portal from its list of exported destinations without advance notice to existing users of B&B.

B&B is unable to provide access to any of its third-party sites at any stage to its clients.

It is a condition of use of B&B that clients are at all times respectful and courteous in their dealings with B&B personnel. Abusive behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.

Any breach of these Terms and Conditions by a customer may result in the client’s property being removed from our service, however, B&B will first attempt to take actions to resolve the issue and/or conflict.

Please note that B&B reserves the right to terminate your use of the DIY portals for any reason, and reserves all of its rights in relation to all other matters.

The client agrees that in accessing information on B&B portal/website you release B&B to the extent permitted by law, from claims regarding usage of data or information available on the portal.

B&B will not be accountable for incidental or consequential damages ensuing from use of the data or information.

B&B does not warrant that the portal or any of its content will be available on a secure, virus free, continuous or uninterrupted basis.

B&B is not liable for any damage or loss suffered by clients that may occur as a result of their inability or the inability of other users to access any of the content on the website.

B&B provides no guarantees, undertakings or warranties regarding the correctness, comprehensiveness or currency of information, or its fitness for any paying or free users purpose or intent. Clients are advised to confirm information at their discretion.

Information changed post-publication can be done for information accuracy.

Clients authorise to B&B use any data collected.

Beaches and Bush Properties is a Licensed Real Estate agency. License Number of our Licensee is – 1090132-   operating under the Federal Laws of Australia and Real Estate Industry Statutes.

Notwithstanding the above Terms and Conditions, B&B shall abide by all relevant Australian laws and should any legislature change which affects the definition or interpretation of these terms and conditions B&B may change these terms and conditions as a result without notice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]